what’s this donation thing?!

Why do a fundraising?

I was 18 and my school (Singapore Polytechnic) had a day where the whole class went to an estate of 1-room flats to help do some spring cleaning of some homes occupied by old people. I’ve never seen such small homes, some of them didn’t had anyone left to depend on, some of them weren’t very mobile. It was heart wrenching to see people living in this condition, especially in this era where we live in a relatively first class country. Of course there are people suffering so much more in poorer countries, or experience much worse atrocities from natural disasters or political unrest; I feel helpless when I watch news seeing the rest of the world in suffering. But I don’t want to just stop there anymore, to feel like I cannot make a difference.

This fundraising effort is simply the first step I’m taking in the direction to help people who are less fortunate. For me, one step is better than no step at all.

This post explains it further.

The Challenge

While on my adventure to completing my first Ironman in Zurich, I want to make it more meaningful by helping others. An Ironman involves 226km of traveling, 3.8km by sea, 180km on a bicycle and finally 42.2km on foot. The preparation is a vital part of this challenge as it will involve many hours of training ; hence I’ve decided to pledge a donation, proportionate to the amount of hours I put in.

Pledging 3bucks per hour

I’ll keep the website updated on my progress and my pledge is to give $3/hour of training I put in for IM Zurich, which is approx 35 weeks from now. This pledge will run from 21 Nov 2012 to the event on 28 July 2013 and I’ll update my weekly training log so you guys can see how I’ve been doing.

Help these people out

I am helping raise funds for the Home Nursing Foundation (HNF) in Singapore; they provide home nursing services, which are supported by home medical and home therapy services, to anyone in need. Majority of their patients are frail and elderly patients who are semi-ambulant, bed or home-bound. These needy and elderly patients suffer from chronic ailments such as stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Most of us will grow old, some will be healthy and have family with them, some won’t.

How you can help

If u are inspired, motivated or just enjoy reading this blog. Just click on the link and donate. You can donate via credit card through the giveasia.org site or you could send a cheque directly to HNF. For all the good people paying taxes in Singapore, all donations will qualify for 250% tax deduction. Giveasia is 100% not-for-profit and completely volunteer driven, they provide an avenue for the public to come up with individual donation drives like what I am doing here.

I will only able to keep track of the total amount of donations via Giveasia.org coz they have a really cool website with a nifty counter at the side. At the moment there isn’t a target/goal for the amount of donation raised; I am thankful to everyone donating no matter what the amount.

The cost of my whole journey is self funded and the whole point of this drive is to just raise funds and awareness for the less fortunate in Singapore.


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