Race Results

A compliation of most of my races so far…


Challenge Roth 2015 Swim 1:19 / Bike 5:51 / Run 4:22 // 11:40:37 PB :). Training log here and standby for the race report:)

Putrajaya 70.3 2015. Race report here


Army Half Marathon Aug 2014, PB 1:36:34

FullSizeRender copy

Ironman Frankfurt July 2014. Race report PB 12:03 with (swim 1:24, Bike 6:08 , Run 4:16) Race report here

Army Half Marathon Sep2013 1:37:26 Race report here


Ironman Zurich 2013 – 12:30hrs
1:38 Swim / 6:22 Bike / 4:20 Run
Race report here

Metasprint Triathlon 2013 – 1:22hrs Race report here

Megatri 2013 – 3k swim/ 100k ride/ 27k run
1:18Swim/3:22Ride/2:23Run (7:09:16hrs)
My longest race ever and an important preparation for my Ironman. Race report here

SCMS 2012 – 3:52hrs. Satisfied.
Race report here.

Cold Storage Triathlon 2012 – O.D.
Swim 0:37, Bike 1:19 Run 0:51, total 2:46:53hrs
Race report hereIronproject was initiated after this race. 

Sundown 2012 – After a long break, I decided to do my 2nd marathon. With little discipline and close to no motivation. I suffered 5:26hrs dragging myself across the finish line.
After this race, I told myself I’ll never be in this situation again, so I signed up and ran my next marathon 6 months later.

Singapore Biathlon 2008 – First Biathlon, only knew how to swim breastroke at the time still managed a 36mins swim(1.5km) and 53min (10km) run. Crossed the line at 1:29:43 hrs

SCMS 2006 – My first marathon in 2006. Can’t seem to find the official timing, it was about 4:56hrs. A real milestone for me.


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