Ironman WA Race Report Firstly a caveat about this report, it’s the first time I am penning my race experience down onto paper and in doing so I’m hoping to be able to give some insight into the Ironman experience, also I am well into my 3rd Singapore Sling enjoying the comforts that SIA offers. […]

Hi peeps! It’s been quite a while since I had done a gear review. As 2015 comes to a close, the past 11 months had been a blast for all of us in IronProject. Some of us had set new PBs, some had took part in more races than the year before, I along with […]

As Ironproject approaches its 4th year with more members and more supporters online, we would like to say a big thank you for all the support so far. We have seen so many members cross the finish line of their first 70.3 and full ironman, looking back at our race photo albums really brings back […]

ironproject is about fundraising through fitness. For our current race season, we have decided to raise funds and awareness for  Club Rainbow Singapore. The idea was first conceived when Ian decided to do his first Ironman;  A blog was set up to log down his journey when an idea struck him, to do this as […]

[19/8 – 11pm] Ok let’s try something new, instead of letting my hardcore fans (yes, all 2 of you!) wait an average 6 months for a race report to be churned out; I’ll be trying this new approach of updating this post on the go. It’ll probably capture raw emotions during the whole weekend, and […]

Not all races are created equal, they say.. On 15th November 2015, there will be tears shed, fears conquered and probably some blood spilled Only the toughest, meanest and craziest people will survive this obstacle course on an outdoor terrain; that has been voted to be the best in the whole wide world. ESPN describes […]

It’s been almost a month after Challenge Roth and as usual, I’m justtttt getting around to post something about it. It won’t be fair to put a single paragraph race report for Roth so forgive me while I procrastinate on that further. Roth Roth came and went just like that; a year of anticipation over […]