Mark Yeo

Who is Mark? check out his races here

One of the loyal supporters on the Ironproject, he’s probably got an auto-liking software to monitor Ironproject’s progress. Mark is a family man, 2 wonderful kids and a lovely wife. He’s got a job like any 30plus year old in Singapore. Mark’s previous life included a lot of smoking and drinking but things took a turn and he started exercising after his son was born, he completed his first biathlon in March 2012 and it left him yearning for more.

His Journey before…

After his first biathlon in March 2012, he did his first sprint distance triathlon in May and an OD in September. Megatri was in the books as well, but a puncture a took him out at the early part of the race. He has participated in plenty of runs and I think they should give this man a membership card for all these races in Singapore.

Mission Possible

Mark just needed that final nudge from me into signing up for Ironman Western Australia in December 2013.  When this guy clicked the submit button that fateful morning to sign up for IMWA, he transformed into an unstoppable machine. He, like many others before him, have caught the triathlon bug and just can’t stop pursuing the suffer-fest that comes with all the training.

His Pledge

A simple one, he wants to clock as much training hours as I do in training. One of the objective of Ironproject is to get people off their butts and get out to do something. Mark has got his butt into an Ironman. This is a tough change for him, and requires him to cut down on his drinking and smoking focus on training. He challenged himself to match the number of training hours with mine. The anti-climax part is that, he’s been kicking MY butt in this with 183hrs vs 219hrs as of May 2013.

Mark shows us that anyone with a dream can do something big; with commitment and focus. He clocks about 10-12hrs training per week while juggling with family and work. Mark is our everyday HERO!

Ironproject wishes him the best of luck in training, remember like many people before us have mentioned, the joy of accomplishment from an Ironman is not only about completing the race, it’s the whole package of preparation and training before that.


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