Louise Khng

Read about Louise’s League games here.

APAC 2011_Perth


Louise has been playing floorball since she was 18, and was a member of the National team between 2000 and 2011, during which she was made captain between 2004 and 2009. One of the highlights of her playing career with the National team was winning the 2005 Asia Pacific Floorball Championships.

Though always complaining being too old for this, she is currently still playing competitive floorball in Division 1 in the Singapore Floorball League, and is again elected, for the 3rd time, captain for her team, Team U Sports Liitto Floorball Club.

Louise is also pursuing her Master in Exercise and Sport Studies in NIE. This provided her the opportunity to play for the NTU floorball team for the AY2012/13 IVP series. Her contribution helped NTU clinched champion. Being the most experienced member in the team, she was elected to be the captain for the next IVP season.

A sporty girl since young, Louise is a good swimmer and has recently picked up climbing (though a bouldering incident in 2012 tore most of her left ankle ligaments).

Playing in a defensive position in the Singapore Floorball League this season, Louise pledges $1 each time her line keeps a clean sheet (a line typically plays about 12 to 15 times during each game), $5 for every assist she makes, and $10 for every goal she scores.

Inspired by Ian’s determination and his charitable spirit, Louise also wants to do her part in helping the less privileged and indirectly challenge herself to excel in her sports.


World Floorball Champs09_Sweden

APAC 2009_Korea



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