Friends of Ironproject

“oh i get by with a little help from my friends …. ” The Beatles

It’s nice to have friends chipping in for some donation drivin’. Some have pledged their training hours like myself, other have pretty interesting proposals.

The list of Heroes

Anthony Geow  [70.3 Danang May 2018, 70.3 Jeju Jul 2018]

Arthur Koh Sen Liang – [….in process of getting poisoned ]

Benjamin WuTraining log  [….in process of getting poisoned ]

Brandem Liew[Austria Jul 2018]

Bryan Ho [….in process of getting poisoned ]

Chris KangTraining log [….in process of getting poisoned ]

Craig Toh Training log [Challenge Melbourne half Apr 2018]

Ernest Khong [70.3 Danang May 2018]

Ian AngTraining log [70.3 Danang May , 70.3 South Africa Sep 2018]

Raymond Fu – [ ….in process of getting poisoned ]

Yang An Yeong – [IM Taiwan Penghu Oct 2018]

// // Louise Khngmatch report // Cecilia ChiaTraining log // Weida // Mark Yeo // Garick Bay // Kwang Tat // Andrew Spencer //


One comment

  1. Every hour you put in, I will put in an hour of training as well.

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