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Race Report: IMNZ Taupo 2017

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. I’m going to start by saying this; Ironman Taupo is a bucket list race. If the full distance race sounds daunting, there’s always the less macho option of doing the 70.3. It’s a beautiful town, awesome landscape, good food, hip cafes, friendly people with the much-lauded Kiwi hospitality and […]

2016 ZIPP 808 NSW Carbon Clincher review

With 2016 well into the second quarter, we’ve saw quite a few official product launches over the months that’s made available for those with some money lying around the house. One company on particular was on a roll of late and it’s none other than SRAM. I’ve done a review on the 1×11 system at […]

SRAM 1×11 review

Hi peeps! It’s been quite a while since I had done a gear review. As 2015 comes to a close, the past 11 months had been a blast for all of us in IronProject. Some of us had set new PBs, some had took part in more races than the year before, I along with […]

Update: Worklife, PID and health

It’s been almost a month after Challenge Roth and as usual, I’m justtttt getting around to post something about it. It won’t be fair to put a single paragraph race report for Roth so forgive me while I procrastinate on that further. Roth Roth came and went just like that; a year of anticipation over […]

Updates : 1 week to Challenge Roth 2015

As I go into the 2nd week of taper, my mood swings are getting more obvious and it’s a little stressful as we get closer to race day. For the month of June I’ve clocked in over 43 hours to bring my 8month training season total to 319hours 4mins. Anthony have pledged a one for […]

Weekly updates : Less than a week to my first 70.3, Anthony’s pledge.

In the 2 weeks leading up to the taper, the training volume was brought down by quite a fair bit with some race pace efforts throughout the week. I’m less than 1 week away from my first tri race this year, my last one was in Frankfurt in July 2014 so I hope I haven’t […]

Weekly updates (ian) – Sea swim, Yoga and a swim breakthrough

With just under 11 hours of training this week, it may seem like I was having quite a normal (or even an easy) week of training. But with some sessions going at race pace, I found myself pretty hammered this week. I took extra precaution and loaded up on vitamins; even made an extra effort […]