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Triathlons and how I started

I’ve dabbled in endurance sports on and off in the past, but I was mainly into sport climbing since my school days in polytechnic. I’ve always wanted to complete an ironman once in my lifetime. So equipped with some fixed gear riding experience, I signed up for the Cold Storage Triathlon (Sep 2012) while still struggling to complete 3 laps of in freestyle. 3 months later I completed my first standard distance triathlon and got hooked on triathlon-ing.

Ironman, sure or not?

I started reading up about the Ironman event because everyone seems to associate that with triathlons. Everyone seems to call anyone who does triathlon, an Ironman; not knowing that this respectable title is only given to those who have gone through 9-17 hours of mental and physical torture. The 226km idea was like an inception, many years ago my brother once told me that he would like to do an ironman at least once in his lifetime …. I agreed with him, thinking that I’ll just put that on my long list of things to do when i grow up. Now in my 30s, it seems like the idea has awaken!

I’ve asked people if they thought it would be possible to pull a decent time for an Ironman in 6-7months, there’s usually the awkward pause before saying “it’s posssssible….but”

Leave slots booked, event signed up, now it’s the training.

And so I have decided that I would do an ironman in 2013. I’ve chosen Zurich in July 2013 and am working towards this goal. It seems foolish to choose an event within such a tight time frame as a goal, but I’ve given it a fair bit of consideration and I’m prepared to give it a decent go at this.

So join me on my journey as I train towards this goal. I hope to inspire people to take up a more active and healthy lifestyle and to be compassionate to fellow human beings.

Ian Ang



  1. marion · · Reply

    Ya Ian Germaine, Jon and myself is 1000% behind you.

  2. Don’t let people discourage you and your ideas, they are just sour grapes.. doing Ironman and training even for a short period of time towards that goal is still reachable.

    Zurich was one of my Ironman to do, I can’t wait to do mine soon. you can add me more on social media through http://isaacloo.wordpress.com/about/ if you like to. Would be great to have more training peeps

    Have fun and see you in the local races. Do say hi


    1. thanks for dropping by and for the encouragement Isaac.. don’t get me wrong, nobody discouraged me against my goals. My friends were actually really supportive and those who were reserved initially were merely concerned for my well being 🙂

      1. Awesome friends of yours then, not sure if you know Raymond but he dropped by my IG a couple of days ago. He did good for his first Tri

        See you in the next race.

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