About ironproject

ironproject is about fundraising through fitness.

For our current race season, we have decided to raise funds and awareness for  Club Rainbow Singapore.

The idea was first conceived when Ian decided to do his first Ironman;  A blog was set up to log down his journey when an idea struck him, to do this as a fundraising effort for a charity. Eventually, the first ironproject managed to garner $7800 in donations for Home Nursing Foundation Singapore.

A couple of friends have hopped on the ship to make ironproject bigger and now we are featuring several athletes raising funds for various charities.

Why donate?

This fundraising effort is simply taking the first step in the direction to help people who are less fortunate. For us, one step is better than no step at all. 

We hope this would bring about more awareness in our society, to realise how small our problems really are sometimes. Donating your first $10 or $100 may be your first step. Don’t be discouraged by people who tell you that amount won’t change anything in anyone’s life, it is the simple act of giving and expect nothing in return that’s more important.

Encouraging an active lifestyle

The other goal is to actually nudge people into taking up a new challenge, to get out of that comfort zone! Some friends have actually started training and completed their first triathlon, others have started exercising more and learned to enjoy the freedom and simplicity of running. We hope this blog will inspire you in one way or another, to break that PB that’s been there since NS days, learn to swim, run a marathon, start a fundraising drive…. 🙂

Now with a bigger team in “Friends of Ironproject” we hope to see a bigger influence in the months to come. Wish us luck!!

From the Ironproject Team (Nov 2015)


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