Metasprint Aquathlon 2016 – ian

My first race since Bintan70.3 last August….not too shabby and I must say I’m pretty excited for Putrajaya 70.3 in 6 weeks time.

Today’s results – 37:48mins ( 14:52 swim/21:21 run) semi happy for the swim, just feeling so-so for the run.


As always, Metasport have always put up a good show in their events, I’ve taken part in the sprint triathlon in Singapore 2 years ago, and Bintan 70.3 2015; they are an experienced bunch and have long ironed out all the kinks that comes with organising triathlon races.



After arriving about an hour before my wave starts, transition preparation was a breeze and the queues for body marking (with proper rubber stamps) was moving along quickly. Preparations were over and done with so quickly that I had time to walk around and say hello and chit chat with familiar faces I haven’t seen in ages. Some friends were having their first multisport race, some coming back after a really long break. Great to see everyone sweating it out on a Sunday morning.


I did a few things differently this morning; tried on new shoes for a race, didn’t wear a watch.

Used my spanking new Asics Hyperspeed 7 this morning; I haven’t used any verions of Hyperspeed before but these babies are light as cotton candy; they have nifty drainage holes at the soles which will definitely be useful for hot races when you douse yourself in ice water at the aid stations.

For the watch, I just put it aside because I forgot how to set the mode to record a swim/run workout; was messing about for 5 minutes before giving up, didn’t want to drain my limited brain juice in the morning.


Some people ask me why I’m doing a sprint race since I’m racing 70.3/Ironman races; it’s a whole different ball game in the sprint distance. The shorter distance doesn’t make it any easier, it just makes the pain more intense (which I experienced at many points of the race today).

Something different today, I thought I’d try getting used to the chaos out in front so I positioned myself at the 2nd row from the start, ready to make a dash in. I got want I wanted but I must say the 35-39 guys in wave 11 were a really civilised bunch. I got a few bumps here and there; but nothing like the goggle-grabbing, head dunking action I hear from guys in other races.


wait for meeeeeee

Got out of the water in 14:52, thought I could go a bit faster but I went out too hard at the start and my body was screaming for oxygen after 200m (still making such newbie mistakes). It took a while to find my rhythm again and probably settled down only in the last 300m. The lesson learnt today would probably be to pace myself better and focus on finding my rhythm as quickly as possible, also I think I need more practice in swimming in open water, nothing beats real life simluation.

Transition was a blur, although Jaime would say I took my own sweet time….1:34 is not too bad considering it was quick a long way from the swim to T1.


bling bling on my feet yo!

out of T1 macham hero


flying only lasted the first 5mins….

I started the run with one pace in mind, suicide pace… real only…. But without my watch to hold me back, the wheels eventually fell apart after 2km with me gagging/burping. People were avoiding me like a plague with all the weird noises I was making; i slowed down to a walk for about half a minute to compose myself, before starting again. The 2nd part of the run went well and I was really careful not to overdo it again, gosh it actually felt like the longest 5km run I’ve ever done.

My ever so loyal supporter was there cheering the last 1oom, and even then I just controlled the pace all the way to the end, the finish time wasn’t that fancy but I’m pretty happy with it.

Looking forward, Putrajaya 70.3 is just 6 weeks away, hoping to achieve new goals and break some personal records.

colleagues who were at the race today. Great to see some of them doing their first race!!





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