Spartan Sprint Singapore Giveaway!

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Not all races are created equal, they say..
On 15th November 2015, there will be tears shed, fears conquered and probably some blood spilled

Only the toughest, meanest and craziest people will survive this obstacle course on an outdoor terrain; that has been voted to be the best in the whole wide world. ESPN describes the Spartan Race as “a true test of will.

In January 2013, Spartan Races announced that Reebok had become its event title sponsor, thus creating 2013’s “Reebok Spartan Race Series” and this race has finally set foot in Singapore! Woohoo~

Upon signing up, each Spartan-to-be will receive a goodie bag worth $200, including an official Spartan Race quick- dry tank top. On Race Day, all racers will receive the coveted official Spartan Race Finishers tee, race medal, coconut water and a coupon for a free celebratory beer upon crossing the finish line

For the fiery butt-kicking soul, you can now be a part of the first ever Reebok Spartan Race Singapore competitive Elite Heats! The top 3 fastest male and female Elite racers will win top cash prizes and a phenomenal Spartan Race trophy

People of all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life have completed Spartan Races.. just don’t give up! You’ll simply need to do what your body does best – bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat and twist.. Exactly what our body has been designed to do for over millions of years

When you’re done, you’ll be begging for more.. AROO!!

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Not leaving out the adrenaline-filled-dirt-loving juniors.. Little racers will run, balance, walk, crawl and climb their way through a fun-filled obstacle course that helps them discover how Spartan Strong they really are. Hands off the iPads and iPhone already! Get ready to face the sun, mud in your hair and who knows what else you’ll bring back :p

The Spartan Junior Race was created to help young athletes of all athletic abilities foster a life-long commitment to fitness and health. These events provide an opportunity for racers to develop and test their fitness in an exciting, outdoor environment where having fun and getting dirty is mandatory! The only person, i guess, who wont be too pleased would be the one doing the laundry afterwards :p

Racers can only be aged from 4 to 13 years old

Race Distances are as follows: 0.5 km (4 yrs old), 0.5-1km (5-7 years old), 1 km (8-10 years old), 2 km (11-13 years old)  For more details, kindly click over here

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For 5+km, you’ll be faced with 20+ obstacles. Calling them “obstacles”, that’s relative to some people, isn’t it? Hehehe.. Complete the race at your own pace if you wish.. But if you fail an obstacle along the way, you will be summoned 30 burpees before advancing. They wont say where yet and we wont know how exciting this race would be.. However, you can be assured there will be fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth. What fun it’ll be!

Dont be too surprised if you might also be competing against the hardcore veterans too!

This sprint race is broken down into the following categories

Elite Heat – First flag off of the race day at 7am. For the most competitive male and female, highly suitable for the toughest of the fittest lot. There’ll be cash prize and trophy for the top three male and female in their respective categories. Because there will be more madness in this group, additional S$20/competitor will be charged

Open Heat – For the less gurung who just wanna have fun. Mixed racers will be flagged off at 15-20 minutes intervals (Spartans will need to maintain some orderly here) from 720am, through to 4pm


How to win it –
1) Post a “fierce” picture of yourself on the comments section of the “Singapore Reebok Spartan Race – 1 free slot” post on our facebook page . Only one picture post per person please, no cheating huh..
2) The picture with the most likes before the end of 31st Aug 2359hr Singapore time wins that slot
3) Wait for us to contact you on your lucky ticket!

Now get out there and show them that we bunch of triathletes don’t just run on flat terrain and cycle in straight lines, that ankle socks are cool and spandex is still in fashion! ‪#‎trigeeksaretough‬ ‪#‎spartanracesg‬

Don’t say we never warn you, “they say” it will be addictive once you begin!

PS: For those of you who are below 18 years old, a parental/legal guardian wavier form will need to be sign upon registration

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.46.23 pm

Masters Category – Designed specially for our matured veterans (40 & above), cash prizes for the top three male and female, with the fastest walking away with trophies in their categories

Strength comes in numbers, so does fun & laughter! Share the Spartan experience with friends, family colleagues or classmates and save on registration fees. Team members are timed individually and are not required to cross the Finish Line together. The biggest Spartan Team registered with the most number of participants will be entitled to their own private branded tent on race day itself. They get to take home a Spartan trophy to show off their kickass team effort

FYI, in case of sudden changes, ticket transfer has to be done before race day only; by clicking on the Active Network link that was in your registration confirmation email and logging into your account to make the respective changes. An administrative fee of $15 will be charged per transfer. Transfers done after 15 October 2015 may not be guaranteed an amended T-shirt size

This badass race cannot happen without the help of special group of people called “volunteers”. Join the behind-the scenes team that makes it all happen. Volunteer at a Spartan Race and earn great rewards like a free race entry or a merchandise discount, meet new people and experience a memorable day!

For those who are not racing or volunteering, you can still come down to support your loved ones, colleagues or just have a rolling good time. Beware though, hugs come free! Come down at your own risk 🙂

As a spectator, you will have access to the rocking Festival Area with “up close and personal” viewing of some of the biggest, baddest obstacles on the course, as well as the epic Finish Line. But that’s not all – we’ve got music, hands-on obstacle challenges, local food/beverage vendors and sponsor giveaways available throughout the day. You’re advised to bring your own cash.. you wouldn’t want to end up spending your time to queue up than cheering

It’ll probably one of the most exciting, invigorating and thrilling ways you and your family can choose to spend the weekend..


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