Update: Worklife, PID and health

It’s been almost a month after Challenge Roth and as usual, I’m justtttt getting around to post something about it. It won’t be fair to put a single paragraph race report for Roth so forgive me while I procrastinate on that further. Roth Roth came and went just like that; a year of anticipation over in a day. I hear people saying its a “fast” course because the world record for the ironman distance was done here; I’m not sure if Arthur or Craig would second me on this, but I felt that this race was harder than IM Frankfurt last year. The swim was awesome, but the 2nd loop of the bike had us facing really tough headwinds, the run after that didn’t really work well for me either and I really suffered there. Nonetheless, a new PB (11:40hrs) for me with a breakthrough for the swim and bike, the run was a disaster, in fact it was the slowest I’ve done among the 3 ironman races. Arthur broke his own PB (and Singaporean Record 9:45hrs) by a minute and Craig had a really tough day when he faced GI problems. I’ll leave the juicy details of the race for another day. And what way to beat #PID (post ironman depression), than to sign up for another race. I’m up for Bintan 70.3 (in 2 weeks time) and Arthur will be heading to Mandurah 70.3 in November. I’ll explain the rational being Bintan shortly. Worklife Nope I’m not getting a new job. I won’t really say what is changing because it’ll just be a really lengthy (and boring) explanation. The gist of it is that I won’t be having as much time to train as I used to; especially in the next few months. Hence the hasty decision to do Bintan70.3 just before the going really gets tough. The balance between work, family and sport has always been a big challenge for us working adults, especially those with other commitments to attend to.  Well, it’s time to prioritize things in my life as my time gets a little bit limited from now on. Health I haven’t spoken to many of my friends about this; but I had a mini health scare 2 months ago just before my race in Roth. I was just doing my routine checkup for my work requirement and I was asked to see a specialist as they picked up an irregularity with my ECG. My ECG has always been a talking point because of my low heartrate (due to genetics and sport) and this time the doctors had enough of it, so they sent me to see an expert. And so what seemed to be a normal day trip to the specialist turned out to be a shocking discovery, my jaw dropped when the doctor told me I was born with an anomaly which would usually get someone downgraded in NS. I walked out of the room feeling like I just got knocked down by a bus; worst case scenarios were running on repeat in my head because I haven’t the slightest idea on what were the implications of my congenital disease. Don’t know whether not being able to fly and lose my job was worse than not being able to do any sports for the rest of my life. It wasn’t like I “caused” it, I was born with it; I’ve had it when I was a kid running around the playground, when I was a 20yr old in NS, when I was rock climbing, and when I was running races and doing triathlons. Now being told I had this, I instantly felt slow and weak. Not sure whether I should be thankful that I actually discovered the condition. Details of the condition is a lengthy and I’d like to keep that bit private; but after some mega CSI research reassured me that I would still be able to continue flying, and also continue in my sporting adventures. A follow up check up also assured me that everything is fine and I could get on with my life as usual (which meant I could do Roth). Those few days were quite a bit of drama for me; but things have settled down now. And I’m living my life just like how I did before I knew of my condition. I’ll just have to check on it every now and then to see if everything’s in working order 🙂

Funny to think that if I had discovered this when I was a baby, how vastly different my life would be now.

That’s all for now from me….. you’ll hear from me again from Bintan :))


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