Updates : 1 week to Challenge Roth 2015

As I go into the 2nd week of taper, my mood swings are getting more obvious and it’s a little stressful as we get closer to race day. For the month of June I’ve clocked in over 43 hours to bring my 8month training season total to 319hours 4mins.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 2.56.20 pm

Anthony have pledged a one for one with me so the total stands at… Pledge : $319.07 from Ian + $319.07 from Anthony = $638.14 He’ll be embarking on his big adventure to his first Ironman at IMWA this December; and will be joining the team to pledge his training hours as well. ——————— Follow us on our journey to Roth next week on our facebook album.… we’ll be dumping all our photos there :))

And if you’ve got some spare cash lying around and have decided not to buy that new wheelset, why not donate to our charities. just click here or that little heart you see at the sidebar of our page 🙂

peace out.


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  1. All the best on your next Challenge! 😉

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