By now many of you would’ve heard and known about the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April 2015. As I read the news now, more than 7500 have passed on and 14000 injured. I know some friends who are there now and thank goodness they are safe, some of them are staying to help out.

This post is to inform people on how you can help.

1) Non-cash donations.

ALPA-S (Air Line Pilots Association, Singapore) is having a donation drive collecting items to be sent over to help. If you have anything useful that you think can help the people there; feel free to drop by over the weekend to drop off the items.

“….Targeted items of the donation drive include medical supplies, medication for communicable diseases such as fever and diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, ponchos, sleeping bags and tents…”

They will be at

Ulu Pandan Community Club

9 and 10 May
10am to 5pm

You can read more in the article here

2) Cash Donations

a) Red Cross Society – Ironproject have supported Red Cross as one of our adopted charity. They have a medical team on site providing relief efforts.
They have many avenues to receive monetary donations, and they can be found on this page
(note: They have mentioned that donations for overseas relief are not tax deductible)
b) Mercy Relief
Jaime has got a friend who is in Nepal at the moment providing medical aid. Mercy Relief is a registered charity in Singapore and their disaster response team has been working hard in Nepal providing medical care. They have plans to continue rebuilding and rehabilitation after this acute medical response is over.
c) Through a friend.
Now this channel is totally unofficial and I’ve thought through this for a while before posting this up. My friend Cristall Neo was in Nepal when the earthquake happened; with a big heart, she has stayed back to help however she can. She is with a group of friends and one of them, Benjamin, has set up a fundraising site here
Please understand that this is a donation directly to a personal account, he doesn’t belong to any organisation but he is there helping to directly buy necessary items for the people there. I do not know Benjamin personally but I have been following on and off, the daily updates that he posts. If you don’t like donating to big organisations, wondering whether only 30% of it will reach the people; then this is one of the most direct way of helping.
I hope the people can received as much help as they can over there, to pick up the pieces and grow stronger as a country. – ian

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