Weekly updates : Less than a week to my first 70.3, Anthony’s pledge.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.26.27 pm

24-29 March 2015 – 8hrs 22 mins

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.26.06 pm

17-22 Mar 2015- 8hrs 30mins

In the 2 weeks leading up to the taper, the training volume was brought down by quite a fair bit with some race pace efforts throughout the week. I’m less than 1 week away from my first tri race this year, my last one was in Frankfurt in July 2014 so I hope I haven’t lost touch in racing. It’ll probably be a good idea practicing or at least mentally visualizing my transitions before the race.

Really looking forward to the race this weekend, quietly feeling a bit apprehensive on how I’d do since my training hours have been significantly lower than last year. Definitely feeling fitter, from following a program and being under a coach. So let’s just see how this weekend turns out. Whatever the case, it’ll still be a PB since it’s my first Half ironman :))

As of end of March, I’ve clocked in a total of 169hrs 18mins since last November, so that’s a pledge of $169.30 from myself for Home Nursing Foundation.

Great NEWS….Anthony “Atomic” Geow casually what’sapp me a few weeks ago saying he’ll pledge to donate $1 for every hour that I train. So that means 2 times the goodness!!!  Smart fella, chose me instead of Arthur :))) Thanks Anthony for supporting Ironproject!


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