Weekly updates (ian) – Sea swim, Yoga and a swim breakthrough

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.55.56 am

3 weeks to Putrajaya 70.3, 10Hrs 45mins this week… $10.75 kaching!!


photo credit : Ernest 🙂

With just under 11 hours of training this week, it may seem like I was having quite a normal (or even an easy) week of training. But with some sessions going at race pace, I found myself pretty hammered this week. I took extra precaution and loaded up on vitamins; even made an extra effort to eat better.

We organized a mini potluck session over at my place on one of the evenings, it was great meeting up with the boys and geeking out on tri gear and races. Thanks for dropping by peeps!

Sea swim
Made a trip over to East Coast Park for an open water swim; after hearing all the horror stories on how badass the water is at Putra, I thought I’d better get used to swimming in sewage quality waters so that I wouldn’t get a rude shock on race day.

Raymond joined me at ECP but ‘politely’ refused (with a horrific look on his face) the swim session, he joined me for an easy recovery run instead. I didn’t insist on him joining me for the swim; even I, was hesitant jumping into the murky waters.

After trying out a couple of sessions of Bikram yoga a few years ago, Jaime and I thought of giving yoga another go this week This time, we bought a one week pass at Yoga Inc, and tried out a couple of hot yoga sessions and a basic class. To my pleasant surprise, even with heavier training sessions this week, the 4 yoga sessions felt like it assisted in the recovery instead of making me feel more tired. Well I learnt something new about myself at Hot Yoga, that I can flood my mat with perspiration faster than anyone else in the room. Interestingly I don’t perspire as much as other people when I do runs together with friends, but at hot yoga, I’m a mess. #ponding #dropdropdroplikegrapes

We really enjoyed the lessons and seeing that Jaime doesn’t really like exercise; yoga seems to appeal to her and this might actually turn into something regular in the future. Besides, I always read about how yoga helps develop monster core strength, which is exactly what I need since I don’t climb as often these days. With all the flexing and bending, I’m sure it’ll help in muscle recovery and also improve my running form.

Swim breakthrough
1500m in 30minutes. Super happy about it:))

Next week’s training program looks like it’ll be easing up a little in anticipation for the race on 5th April, need to recovery from the heavier sessions the previous 2 weeks I guess.


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