Weekly update (ian)- Road run and a 12hr week.

Watching the SEA Games Tri selection really hyped things up this week, respect to those who fought bravely right to the finish line that morning.


4 weeks to Putrajaya 70.3 and while talking to some friends about their race experience last year, things like…

“vommited on the run”

“heat exhaustion”

“like swimming in sewage”

came up more than once… comments like these were getting me a tad bit worried and my excitement level for the race is somewhat declining.

I read a blog post by iron mummy giving some advice on racing there, she emphasized on nailing the hydration and electrolytes because of the crazy heat. She won her age group last year, winning a slot for the 70.3 World Champs in 2014, really really impressive.

Road Run (5km-ish)

The Road Run is my company’s annual running event, presenting (as always) a pretty decent field of runners. I came in 2nd for my category that day, lost by a hair’s breadth in a sprint finish. My stubby legs wouldn’t have any more nonsense from me in the last 800m, totally refusing to go any faster. But with a podium finish, I couldn’t be any happier that day, considering the splits indicated that I should be able to do a sub 20min 5km (it was a 4.8km race). Really happy about that.
Training week
Training this week was about getting back into the rhythm of training again since I had a week off on holiday; it worked out pretty well with 12 hours put in. Key workouts was the big brick on Sunday and Saturday’s 5km TT. Swimming has been improving slowly with me managing a 1km in sub 20min this week. Felt semi comfortable so I’m hoping that would be a rough pace I’ll be able to do for 1.9km swim +2mins.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.17.02 am

Pretty stoked about my run as it seems like I’m improving even with running so much less than usual. I’ve been doing track work pretty regularly and plenty more bike on the trainer so that might be the thing that’s doing its magic.

With 4 weeks to go, I’m not sure what coach has planned up for me.


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