Training Log – ian

Watching the SEA Games selection yesterday where our local elites were battling out for 4 coveted slots was a nail biting experience. Pumped up from yesterday’s race (though i was just a spectator at the sides), I’ve sat myself down for a good 30minutes to pen down this post.

No one asks me about my training these days….actually nobody really asks me about my training at all. But i’m going to shamelessly post it up anyway. This training season formally kickstarted in November where I’m on a more structured training program…or at least I’m trying to.

As you can see, training hours have been significantly reduced (8-10hrs), which has equated to a happier social life and happier Jaime (i hope :)) while there hasn’t been an opportunity to measure the success of the training so far, I feel relatively fitter than before. Putrajaya 70.3 will be a good benchmark to see how I’ve been progressing and i’m pretty excited about that; aside from all the horror stories i’ve heard about the water conditions and the heat, I’m sure I’d survive Putra70.3 in one piece.

I’ll be pledging $1 for every hour of training; So from November till end Feb, I’ve clocked in a total of 128hrs 20mins; ie $128.33 pledged for Home Nursing Foundation.

check out my training log here.


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