Knock knock…. We are still here :))

We are still aliveeeee!!

A big apology for MIA-ing. Everyone should be expecting a big blog post after such a long hiatus. Well we haven’t been doing NOTHING. I’ll try my very best to squeeze in as much updates thru my phone, on a plane, in the middle of the Sea of Japan.


A quick update on races, Ernest completed Mandurah 70.3 with a new PB of 5:31. He’s got plans to head back to Western Australia this December for IMWA version 2.0.

Arthur was in Bahrain in December and clocked his new PB for half distance with a 4:17. You can check out his race report in the previous post.

Craig and Arthur also headed over to race Challenge Melbourne (Half ironman distance) under super challenging conditions. If you did catch any YouTube video of the swim start, it was like a clip from an episode of “deadliest catch”. Absolutely horrifying!


After Raymond’s smashing debut in IM Langkawi, he’ll be prepping for IMWA this December. But before that, a half marathon in March at the 2XU COMPRESSION RUN.

In April, I will be driving up north for Putrajaya 70.3. Craig might be joining if his work schedule permits. And as of now, we are trying to poison Ben to join us.

Andrew, Anthony and Ernest will be heading to Cairns 70.3 in June.

Looks like a jammed pack schedule for the boys in the next few months.


Well firstly, I’ve gotten myself some help in my training; I’ve been so dead against paying for help because I feel that with all the information available on the Internet, I should be intelligent enough to come up with a proper plan to train for an Ironman. Truth is, even after 2 years, there hasn’t been a breakthrough I’ve been hoping for, and I thought, why not give this coaching thing a go and see how I do for Roth.

So I’ve been on a proper program since October last year and it’s been going really well. With about 8-10hrs of training per week, I feel fitter than when I was pushing 15hrs of my haphazard training previously.

The first test would be putrajaya70.3 in April. Of course I won’t be gunning for some crazy PB there, noting the challenging conditions; just manage my expectations and see how things turn out.


I’ll update my training log when I get back to mainland on Sunday. And definitely keep you guys updated on our progress….


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