Singapore Airlines Charity Run 2014 race report

I’m not usually keen on running 10km races because it’s so intense that I’ll be aching for days. As I’m typing this report the day after the race, my whole body is still achey (not only the legs), the foam roller is out and working full time this morning.


A brief description of the run, the SIA Charity Run is oragnised for the first time and all the entry fees collected would be going to charity (Community Chest). Proceeds raised will also be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Singapore Government under the Care & Share Movement led by Community Chest. So a quick and very rough calculation would be like 13000 runners (saw that number somewhere on facebook) x $50 (an approx avg race fee) x 2 (government match), would give us a 1.3million donation to Community Chest. That’s really something and I’m happy my company is helping the less fortunate in Singapore. 🙂

[just read the news that the money raised was $2.5mill and the govt match would make it $5mill to Comm Chest]

I joined a team of runners representing ALPA-S running in the Corporate Team Challenge, our combined timings for our 10km run would determine our teams ranking.


ALPA-S Team : Desmond, Bernard, SoonKiang, Ian and Alvin.

The Race

I’ve never ran a 10km all out before; so pacing it would be a little foreign to me. A quick google for a pace estimate calculator gave me an estimate of a sub 44min; and that was all the planning I did for this race. Pacing should be about 4:20-25 min/km; I’ve never done a negative split race and today was no different from all my other runs.

We tried to make our way to the front to get a good position but when the gun went off, I spent about 700m weaving through the crowds before I got into a stable position that gave me a 3:48pace for the 1st km. I took off the race T, it was getting really hot and I went through the Rules & Reg the night before to make sure I don’t get into trouble for that. I slowed down to a 4min pace after the initial rush but I was getting really impatient; I knew a 10km race shouldn’t feel so intense but I just pushed through hoping I’ll get my running legs back.

After 3km, I felt my wheels starting to fall off, and I was just hanging on and waiting for the halfway point. It was great to have 2 big U turns, the cheers from friends I met along the run really helped pushed me along; after the 2nd U turn point, I couldn’t even reply the waves properly.

I almost slowed down to a halt after 8km, stitches and just pure fatigue have overcome the foolish and impatient body. I didn’t bother to check the watch for pace or heartrate at the moment; I thought I just try to trot along and push when I feel comfortable again. I managed to pick up the pace again on the last 1km for a not so embarrassing photo finish at the end.

43:27 says the watch and I’m pretty happy and surprised with the accuracy of the “pace estimator”. Really proud of the whole team coming thru in really good timings.

Met plenty of friends at the event. Chow, Cheong and Aloysius (stonemonkeys) finished strong with timings in the low 50s, really inspiring to see them pushing so hard in races. Fuse Lee in his cool race kit and Sebfitdad clocking a new PB for his 10km.

The event event was pretty well organised, with some awesome representation from the Cabin Crew and the Tech Crew, braving the morning heat to pose for pictures with the fans. The queue for the pictures were actually longer than the one for the Milo truck! heeheehee.


In a nice twist of fate, I just got a call from HiVelocity telling me my team actually came in 3rd! Excellent job guys,

sia result


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