I’m so excited!!! – Ian

After a whirlwind Wednesday where I was still settling errands before leaving for the trip, I finally returned home at about 3pm to pack, taxi pick up was at 9:30pm so plennnnty of time.


It’s was frantic! Even with a list, I almost forgot my seatpost/saddle!!! After that before we stepped out of the house, Jaime asked me to tidy up the balcony and I found a nice little oval shaped thing on the floor…. My seat clamp!!!!

Fast forward 5 hours, I’m in a semi comatose state on the airplane, 12.5 hours flight to Frankfurt. Was hoping to catch at least 2 movies but fell asleep halfway thru the first one.

The other boys had left on earlier flights to Frankfurt and have settled in a bit earlier the day before. The last few of us were on our way now for our big day.
After squeezing as much cargo into the back of a Audi Q3, Andrew made his way to our apartment while the rest of us took the subway there. It wasn’t too far away but you always have to cater time for getting lost and trying to figure out their subway platforms. 😬.

Registration area was in the city, and the expo was just set up! We were probably the first few to register; the expo had so much awesome stuff! It’s always nice to go early coz they still have everything in most siZes! 🙂

By evening we were in zombie mode and turned in pretty early for an early start!!

Do follow us on our Facebook page. We have an album for our race and we’ll be putting all our live updates there!!

Till then, enjoy some of these pictures!













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