It’s a wrap (for now)

This month sees me completing my training for Ironman Frankfurt. A solid 48 hours of training with a 4 day endurance block. I have done the preparation, now it is time to race.

Have got nothing planned for now. May be giving Ironman a break and going for 70.3 events. Too much Ironman racing makes you old.

I had earlier pledged a dollar per hour of training to Transient Workers Count Too, an organization dedicated to helping migrant workers in need. Feel free to donate to any of our nominated charities at our page if you wish to support our cause. We thank you as always for your kindness.




  1. Hahaha yes! finally I found another blog where somebody will be competing in IM Frankfurt 2014! I truly wish you all the best with ”Der langste Tag des Jahres” πŸ™‚ Rock them and see you at the start! ^^

    1. Hope you had a good race Stefan! All of us crossed the line in one piece…. coming up with our race reports will take a while though πŸ™‚

  2. I did! It was an incredible hard day for me but I finished in 13:55:46, not bad considering the fact that I was the youngest competitor to ever compete in IM Frankfurt + the fact that it was my first ever triathlon! πŸ™‚
    At one point I spotted a person with an IronProject tanktop, though I was to shy to actually go talk with him! :p
    Good luck with your race reports! :’)

  3. Thanks for the shout out Stefan and all the best in your future races πŸ™‚

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