and so the journey begins… Ironman Frankfurt!!!!

A few of us will be making our long journey of 6400miles to Frankfurt where we’ll be racing 226km on sunday 6 July 2014.

It’ll be Andrews very first Ironman; and he still pissed that we conned him into signing up for it. For the rest of us, it’ll only be our 2nd Ironman attempt; Ernest’s first Ironman was in Western Australia 2013, Arthur in Cairns 2013, Craig in Western Australia 2012 and mine was Zurich 2013. All relatively new athletes I would say, but with a big appetite for torture.

Weather forecast says a nice and cool sunny day of 27-14degrees C.

Most of us have put in a fair bit of commitment in our training in the months leading up to this race, and the pressure is starting to build up in the days leading up the the race.

Expectations expectations…. we all have our own goals this Sunday, and that’s what make a race worth following, where the guys have put in the training and are going to put up a fight!!

so follow us on our facebook page

or track us on race day

our bib numbers

Arthur Koh – 0391
Andrew Spencer – 1427
Ernest Khong – 1344
Craig Toh – 1835
Ian Ang – 1261


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