Sundown 10km run – Dino

I just touched down a week ago; it was such a backbreaking trip all the way from China. I was cramped up in a box and shipped out of my hometown, Tao Bao. I don’t know how you guys get used to the climate here, but it’s too damn humid for a dinosaur.

I got recruited into ironproject and they sorta forced me into joining this 10km run at the Sundown Marathon event. So without much acclimatization, I headed down in my team singlet and race bib; I even had to borrow a pair of running shoes coz my dino paws wouldn’t last the distance.

The event site was buzzling people, all excited before their race. After a quick warm up and some pictures, I made my way to the starting line where a couple of thousand humans were waiting for the flag off.

The horn blasted and the flood gates were open. Scared a few guys while sneaking up from behind them on the run. The first 5km passed by pretty quickly, hydrating myself like crazy to avoid a heat stroke. Although I’m a tiny dinosaur, I don’t think people would like hauling a prehistoric animal into an ambulance.

7km into the race and I was battling the heat, drinking loads and loads of 100plus and water just to keep the temperature in check. Took a few selfies and tried to turn my grimace into a smile.

It was only after more than 1.5hrs before I began to make out what seems to resemble a finish line. With a last burst of Dino energy, I mustered a giant leap (of joy) crossing the finish line.

It was indeed a challenging run, I’d say it’s just slightly harder than typing this post with my paws. 🙂

I’m hoping to turn up in some other races; someone suggested doing a triathlon like the other guys on ironproject. Wah Lau, I’m not Godzilla leh! Godzilla can swim, my skin will absorb all the seawater at east coast park if I jump in.

Well the Frankfurt ironman is 3 weeks away and I’ll be heading down as a supporter. Do follow us on Facebook to see how the race turns out. We’ll probably be having some live updates on that day:)


survived the first half of the run yey!



raymond, isaac and dino


after the race…with me girl and me medal yo!









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