Updates : Putrajaya, Metasprint, training log.

Putrajaya 70.3

It was a hot hot weekend for racing last week. Following the boys on the “live tracker” on the ironman website, the numbers indicated that the guys were really suffering on the course. I was told it was as hot as 40deg C at some parts of the race and people were really affected on the run. Glad the 2 of them survived the race; I’m sure this experience has forged a new level of mental toughness for our big dance in Frankfurt.

A friend who took part in Putra70.3 has a race report here. Chua JingZhi is a endurance athlete on a vegan diet and he’s got quite a well written blog coming along so do check it out.

andrew with the “thank-goodness-its-over” face


Metaprint 2014

We took part in Metasprint last year where a couple of friends experience their first triathlon race. This year, Raymond made his way to the race solo. Battling cramps on the swim; fought back on the bike and ran to a respectable time of 1:33. It was 3mins off his goal but I’m sure he was happy with his effort. Stepping up the effort for Langkawi!!!

Training log

Raymond, Andrew and Arthur have updated their training logs so do take a peek into a triathlete’s training schedule if you’re curious.

I’ve been down with a flu for over a week now; just when I was putting in more volume in training. Well, downtime is always good to do some blogging and housekeeping in your life. 🙂




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