Road Run 2014 – ian

Oh what an exciting weekend! We had our annual Road Run at Bedok reservoir and we were rocking our team kit; damn singlet sizing made me look dwarfy!! Registration started at about 7:15am and people were all queuing up to get number tags. After that, we went to warm up our engines for the quick race that awaited us. 4.3km is what I call “extended suffering” mode. I just did my IPPT (2.4km) and that one was like “quick death” mode; before your body can comprehend the suffering….it’s already over.

Anyways, before I could relax a bit after my warm up; we were all readying ourselves at the start line waiting for the flag off. We all started off at some suicide pace to get a good position and after the 1km mark, my breathing was going haywire; turned and looked at Arthur and he seemed like he was falling asleep at this pace. Chris was a couple of metres in front like a mad man chasing after the front pack. Shortly after the halfway mark (I think), Arthur pulled away and that would be the last time I see him. I was in damage control mode and just trying not to slow down that much; about 4o0m from the finish I could feel someone breathing down my neck! Had to fight at the end to hold my position! gosh I hate that feeling when I have to squeeze out that final reserve; last night’s dinner almost came out!

Later I would find out that Arthur overtook Chris near the end and even had the capacity to show him the finger to spur him on, Chris likes this kind of encouragement 🙂 . And Ernest was actually breathing down my neck towards the end where I was already in Lala-Land thinking of floating sheeps and bears on tricycles. Ben….. well he got a new nickname that morning, and i’ll just leave it at that 🙂

Mingled a little after the run and Jaime made her way over just in time to catch us getting our medals…yeh!

Next is our sports meet in May!!! More medals and hopefully in better colour!!


Chris Kang



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