Auckland 70.3 : watching them from home – ian

The boys have just completed Auckland 70.3 over the weekend; was excited just seeing the pictures go up on our facebook page.

It was Chris Kang’s first half ironman and his 2nd  triathlon after Cold Storage Tri in September 2013, he showed us that a soccer player can still survive in the water and on a bicycle, crossing the finish line at a respectable 6:06hrs.

Our veteran Benjamin Wu had an excellent race as well, after a long hiatus since his first Ironman in Zurich (2007). He’s back on good form with a good showing at Cold Storage Triathlon and now, crossing the Auckland 70.3 finish line at 5:53.

Lastly, our hero Arthur Koh blazed through the course at 4:47, probably had a shower and dried his hair before the rest of them came in. I need to clinically dissect this specimen to see what this guy is made off…the gang will probably organise an ambush one of these days.

Glad that everyone made it safely to the finish line; I’m sure they are enjoying their beers and food before heading back home and back to the grind (again).

Great to see everyone doing well this season. Haven’t manage to pick up my training for the past month; was just swarmed with so much things to do. I thought I’ve figured out how to incorporate the training routine into my day to day life; but it seems like I’m so tired/lazy to do anything at the moment. Watching the guys race in Auckland has given me a little nudge… we’ll see what happens next 🙂

some pictures just in case u missed them on Facebook

how is this all going to fit in the car??


the good stuff!!

still looking fresh after the race!

feeling like super heroes!


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