Officially official… -ian

It’s Official!! I’m starting training again next week; well it was officially last week but this week is the “real” official start. 25 weeks to Ironman Frankfurt; sounds like a long way to go, but time and tide waits for no man. Aerobic ….or generally all kind of fitness have vapourised after one month of feasting and inactivity. Time to get the engine up and running again…

Got myself printed this month, in an issue of the Home Nursing Foundation Newsletter. I’d like to thank everyone again for their support in this. It’s been a quieter season but the boys have been working hard training for their upcoming races.

The guys are a week away from the race in Auckland and they’ll be heading down to next week for it. Can’t wait to see some awesome pics and crazy results!




  1. JingZhiChua · · Reply

    This is awsm! All the best for your training! =)

  2. […] some pictures just in case u missed them on Facebook […]

  3. Wicked Ian! Happy for u, training is back ON!

    1. yeah man…and i’ll get my ass down for track soon!!

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