Xtenex laces


boxed up

I’ve done about 200km in these laces and here’s a short write up on how I found them.

Out of the box, these laces come in pretty colours, different lengths and sizes. I’m using a 75cm, x300 (node size) and I wear a EU 40 Asics DS trainer 17. The length is just about right for me with about 2 spare nodes at each end, but I guess it’s personal preference on how snug you want your shoe to fit.


Xtenex x300 in assorted colours

It will be wise to watch the “how to” video before slotting the laces in, it’s so much easier when you know the trick to it; that being said, I dived straight into it without reading any instructions and it didn’t take me thaaaat long.

It takes a while to get the right tension especially if it’s your first time trying elastic laces. After a couple of runs and a few adjustments, it’ll feel like magic. If you’ve not tried elastic laces, it might take a while to get used to it. But for those who are familiar with lock laces, the transition is pretty seamless.


xtenex VS conventional laces

In a long race where your feet starts to expand a little towards the end of the run, these laces will continue to provide the same snug fit you had when you first had them on at the start of the run. The nodes on the laces also keeps the tension consistent across the shoe, unlike conventional elastic laces, where it tends to slip and tighten up unevenly.

These laces makes it easier and quicker to slip your shoes on; no more fussing about with the conventional laces during transition while racing!

The downside of things is that these don’t come cheap, retailing at SGD$20 per pair. Fret not, the kind distributors at FTLOsports have generously given a discount code for all our readers. So click here for instructions on how to get your hands on one.



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