Flying to down under.

A lot has been going on the past week but alas I’ve touched down in Perth yesterday. I’ll be staying at my cousins for 2 nights before heading to Busselton for this race this Sunday.

A nagging flu has kept me inactive for a week now; not really the taper I was looking for. Things like these do happen to the best of us. It’s my second race and up till now, I’m unusually calm, not much race jitters.

Packing and flying went along pretty smoothly, we flew Malaysia Airlines via KL. SGD$540 with 30kg allowance seemed like a really good deal; and based on yesterday’s experience, it was actually worth it.

Thanks to Andrew for the bikebox, it kept my slice and new zipps nice and safe 🙂

My beautiful cousins in Perth met us at the airport with their huge xtrail to lug our massive haul back to their home. More pictures to come later.

It’s lovely weather here in Perth, a little warm at midday at high20s. But mornings and evenings are really nice and cool. Hope it stays this way.






  1. Tan's family · · Reply

    To both, good luck and have fun!
    Ian, all the best get your best result!

    1. Thank you for your well wishes. Unfortunately I was down with sinusitis a few days leading up to the race and didn’t start on Sunday. Instead, I was part of the cheer leading team, which proved to be more difficult than racing the event itself.

      It was still a great experience and I’ll share it once I’ve settled down after the trip. 🙂 – ian

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