Weekly updates – ian – swim swim swim

Week 11
11-17 Nov – 8:20hrs

It was a aqua week! Clocked in quite a fair bit of swimming just to keep my feet nice and happy. Was really stoked about the progress of my swimming inching closer to the elusive 2min/100m pace. I haven’t done many open water swim after IM Zurich (only 1 so far) and was a little apprehensive about swimming in my wetsuit; so I managed a short wetsuit swim last Friday.

To my horror, I discovered a 1inch tear around my butt area; absolutely clueless how it got there….I didn’t get that fat, common. A tear that size caused a major leak as soon as I got into the water, and my suit was flooded in seconds. The only saving grace was that my suit fit me really well so not much water was slooshing about. I mended the hole when I got back, a really simple procedure…no sweat.

I was really surprised by how much faster I felt in the water in the suit, squeezed a 1:50/100m avg for 1400m with a short break after 900m. Maybe the settling race pace was about 1:56…coz I was really excited at the start and went out too fast (as usual)

Didn’t ride much this week, which was really disappointing. How am I going to expect to get faster if I don’t work on my weaknesses…sigh. Hopefully will do a ride on next week before heading off for a work trip on Tuesday night.


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