Weekly updates – ian : feet pain, massage KO, byebye shoes, new stickers

Had a great build up in training last week, tried to carry it onto this week but was plagued by a slight pain in my foot.
Potential Plantar Fasciitis
A suspected plantar fasciitis; so I tuned down the running a little and out came the tennis ball, rolling/massaging my left foot. I even resorted to “Zheng Gu Shui” hahaha, desperate to get things under control as the big race is just looming around the corner. Not sure which one worked, coz my feet was feeling good after a couple of days; I had to skip the long run this week as a precaution… Sigh, I look forward to my Sunday runs, a journey I make from home to MacRitchie (13km) then a modified MR loop (14km) with my climbing friends. Maybe it’ll happen next week.
I really enjoy massages…well most of them. Best ones on the list would be Javanese style which is really relaxing, I fall asleep halfway through most of the time. I also enjoy Thai massage and one of the best ones I’ve had will be where I go to climb at Ton Sai (Krabi), I was there right after my Standard Chartered marathon last year and after 2 sessions, my legs felt like new and was ready to start clocking some mileage.
In Singapore, I just go to my trusty foot reflexology corner (5mins from my place) to get some good pounding. I’m not so keen on foot massages coz it usually hurts a lot if I haven’t been going for it regularly, so this time round I went for a back massage. The usual lady seemed to be rearing to go that fateful Sunday; she previously warned me to tell her if I felt faint-ish during the massage; the back massage was done on a slightly upright seating position so blood flow to the head could be affected if it was too intense. I thought she was just kidding, but halfway through the massage, I had to stop her! I did a quick march to the toilet and was gagging for a couple of seconds….hahaha. She felt so bad about it that she held back the second half of the session.
Oh well, all was good in the end, and I felt the knots on my back really loosened up after the session. Funny how she tells me I’m so sensitive to the foot massages but the back I’m just asking her to go harder.
Goodbye my Sidi
Sold off my tri shoes. I wore them at Ironman Zurich and trained in them briefly before that race. Recently for all my rides over 100km, I’ve been getting numb toes on my right foot; it was exactly like Zurich but back then I just pushed through the whole ride and ran the first 30mins with a numb right foot. I still can’t believe how I pulled that off. And so I’ve decided to let these pair of shoes go to a nice gentleman with equally small feet!! I’m currently doing some last minute hunting for shoes, else I’ll be using my good ‘ol R087 Shimanooooos…which are actually quite comfy, well at least it has a roomy toe box.
New logo! new stickers…yeh!
Last week’s training

Week 10
4-10 Nov 2013 – 10:53hrs

 Pretty decent hours last week. I was still doing a bit of 100m intervals for my swim to get some power in, did a short test this week with a steady pace 1500m in 30mins..woohoo. Super stoked!
All bike work was done in the comfort of my room because I was just too lazy to head out alone at night :(, most of the rides were done at steady pace at about 130-140HR, switching gears here and there to add some excitement.



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