10 weeks to IRONMAN 70.3 Auckland

It has been slightly more than a month since the Cold Storage Tri and quite a bit had been going on lately in IronProject. We have a new logo, designed by myself (Ahem), XTENEX laces and it’s now time again to lay down the hurt once more for our next race; IM 70.3 Auckland NZ. The main protagonists from IronProject will be myself, Andrew, Chris and Ben.

andrew chris photo 1The stars for IM 70.3 AKL!!!

Currently we’re tying down arrangements for accommodation and transport while maintaining race fitness. I’m currently in a build phase, focusing on my swim and muscle endurance while also going about to improve my run by doing more endurance and lactic threshold workouts, made even harder when done all alone *sobs*. Some positives for my cycling because I’ve also managed to improve my FTP by close to 5% within a month.

I shall be embarking on a 9-week programme to prep myself for IM 70.3 AKL. The programme mainly focuses on workouts at LTHR(Lactic threshold) which is very important for a half-iron distance, and hence the build phase that I had for the past month. The programme looks pretty comprehensive to me at first but it’s actually a very simple group of 3. 3 swims, 3 rides and 3 runs a week with a full rest day. Average weekly duration ranges from 10 to 13 hours of solid work.

I was pulling my collar while going through the plan because not only it’s tough and intense, and I’ve got quite a rough schedule in December, right at the peak of the programme. Guess I’ll have to manage it somehow. Furthermore, I’ve bade farewell to my trusty Shiv and I’m bike-less for another 2 weeks before my new rig arrives. The only parts I’ve retained are just the saddle and skewers…


Bye bye Shiv… T_T”

The long wait is due to a custom paint job and it’s probably going through its final touches now. I’ve made some fit adjustments and took on a totally new selection of components for a revised riding position. Basically I’m going to make myself more aero (Haha). I’ll be doing a full review of my build and explaining my choice of equipment. Watch this space for the arrival of my new rig!

Again, I shall be updating my training logs and pledging $1 for every hour of training recorded. Lastly, a word of encouragement for Ian, Ernest and Mark going for IMWA: “Embrace the suck!”


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