Weekly updates – ian : training mask, long bike/run

Week 9 – 13:57hrs

It was a pretty productive week with a good mix of everything. Swim times have inched a few milliseconds faster but I’m definitely feeling more comfortable in the water with more frequent swims recently. Tried some 100m intervals the other day which left me winded, only managed to struggle through 5 sets before giving up; will keep at it this week to get myself some speed in my swim!

Training Mask

Have been using the Training Mask for about 2 weeks now, mainly on my hamster rides in my room (because I’m too shy to use it outside). I can’t really say much about it making me any faster but it sure as hell make the workout much harder. Training methods like these are pretty hard to quantify it’s benefits, I’m not a very scientific person so in very simple man’s description, I’ll say the mask works on the basis of “breathing resistance” which is adjustable on this mask. By making it harder to breathe, my lungs work harder to push and suck air into my body.

Do I need muscular lungs (it’s actually the diaphragm) ? I feel it when I try to push harder when I’m swimming, and definitely on runs at race pace. So I’m pretty sure this mask works in one way or another. For the science behind it, read here.

The long run

Running sought of took a back seat with me skipping Track on Wednesday because I wanted to do a long ride on Thursday. I was happy to manage a long Sunday run, the xtenex laces felt really good, the pressure of the shoe wrapping your foot is nicely distributed. 13km from home to MR, then a 14km trail in MR (we do a short extension on rifle range to squeeze an extra 3.5km). Long run and long ride settled for the week.


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