weekly updates – ian: xtenex, floorball, new logo, yasso 800

Xtenex Laces

The good people from FTLO Sports have kindly sponsored some Xtenex laces and also given our readers a discount on Xtenex laces. Do check out the page here.


Louise has just finished her floorball league games recently, unfortunately her team (TUS Liitto FC) didn’t make it to the finals. They lost (on penalties)  to the eventual winner in the semis, really tough luck that one. She’s always saying that age is catching up and she’ll be retiring soon, but after the games, she tells me she still wants to go for one more year 🙂 She’s still got plenty in her lah.

Now we are waiting for a long awaited blog post from her!!!

New logo

We thought we could do with an updated logo, so Arthur has painstakingly come up with a super fierce logo. I feel faster just by looking at it. We’ll be printing out some stickers and probably have our tri suits/apparels stamped so you guys can recognise us in races or while we are training. Do give us a shoutout when you see us outside!!



week 7
14-20 Oct 2013 – 8:28hrs

Week 8
21-27 Oct 2013 – 7:40hrs

Relatively low hours for these 2 weeks, Ernest and I are about 6 weeks away from IMWA and this should be the time where we’ll be in panic mode.

Managed a long ride with a quick run after that on week 7, almost forgot how monotonous it can get on long workouts like these. Lucky I had Ernest for company that day!

Track Attack 4 & 5

Attended my 4th and 5th session at Shem’s Track Attack. I’ve definitely seen some improvement in my runs, better speed and now I can maintain better posture for longer runs.

Yasso 800s ( http://www.runnersworld.com/race-training/yasso-800s )

You might have read about it before. This person (Bart Yasso) have come up with a method to predict your marathon time. Basically if you want to run a 3:00hr marathon, you have to be able to do 800m in 3:00mins, jog for the same duration (ie 3mins) and repeat that 10 times. Of course, similar to almost all the other marathon time predictors, this one doesn’t come with any scientific proof.

BUT here I am, to tell you that Yasso 800 is highly likely, inaccurate. On Track attack 5, we were doing 10x800m leaving at every 5mins, the group was completing the 800s at about 2:55-3:00, resting for 2 mins before setting off again. The only difference with this session compared to the Yasso 800 was that we rested for 2mins instead of jogging for 3mins. So there you go, I finished the session (barely survived) and I know I’m no where close to running a 3hr marathon, my half was 1:37 and that was in September not too long ago. Sorry Yasso…


I’ve started on my campaign to faster swimming!! Starting to use my finis paddles to build up a bit of strength and also fine tune my catch. These paddles are great, initially they kept falling off when I was swimming, which meant that I was pulling incorrectly. Now I can swim with them pretty easily, but it still feels weird after taking them off and swimming the first couple of laps.

Overall speed has improved over the past 2 weeks, initially was doing about 2:10-2:13/100m for a 3k swim but now it’s slowly reduced to 2:05-2:08/100m now. Seems like a really small improvement but come up to about 3mins faster in a 3.8km swim.

Getting the jitters for the fast approaching IMWA, keep bumping into people who will be heading there as well, I guess it’s really the most popular Ironman event for Singaporeans 🙂


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