Xtenex laces by FTLO Sports

Xtenex Brochure COV_Page_1

We are so happy to receive support from everyone, whether it’s “likes” on our facebook page, or just leaving a nice comment on our blog; all these go a long way and it brings a smile to all of us everytime we see update notifications on our mobile phone.

Today we are proud to exclaim that the nice people at FTLO sports have come forward to support ironproject! YEH!

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.58.35 PM

FTLO sports carries Xtenex laces, you’ve probably seen these funky laces around, especially in the triathlon scene, perfect for putting on your shoes quickly and it also reduces footwear pain or discomfort.

Look out for our gear review shortly as we put these laces through some testing.

For all local (Singapore) supporters out there, FTLO Sports have graciously given us a discount specially for you guys.

Just head down to this link and key in the codes

Username : member

Password: givingback

Thank you FTLO SPORTS!!


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