weekly updates – ian: sea swim, long run, 8 weeks to IMWA

Week 6 – 7:47hrs

Weekly workouts (7:47hours)

It was another week with quite a good mix of workouts put in, would’ve been great if I could squeeze in a few more swims in there but it’s always difficult to do swims while overseas. Started the week with a horrible sea swim; after a gusty morning, the beach was littered with all sorts of goodies of nature, fallen branches, sea weed…etc. After 20 mins of struggling in the murky mess, I gave up and just went for my run. The New Balance RC1400 were really comfortable, getting them ready to replace my good ‘ol Asics DS racer.

A long work trip has left me with most of my workouts in the gym; but I always manage to do the long run to the bridge on this trip. This time with Ernest so at least the 2hour run wasn’t so boring. 🙂


this hill..


rocking my “ironproject” print shorts yo!!


10+km to the bridge.. 🙂

After 2 back to back long trips, I’ll be hanging around for quite long before my next long trip. Time to put in my hard sessions 🙂 hopefully see at least a 10hour plus entry next week!

Ironman World Championships

Missed the Ironman World Championships which was streamed live online. I was rooting for tiny people like Rinny; she really put on a good race that day, breaking the course record and clocking a 2:50 marathon (which was the 3rd fastest run time that day for both men’s and women’s category).
I’ll just have to wait till CNBC broadcasts the hour long video of the race. Can’t wait for that.


the closest i’ve got to kona is on a map….well i was about 800miles out when the race was on.

Ironman Western Australia

IMWA is about 8 weeks out, I guess everyone’s getting a bit nervous about the race, especially for those going for the first time. Hope everyone’s been training well and taking care of themselves; our immune system really gets affected when we put in long hours of training. So remember to load up on vitamins!!!


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