Weekly update – ian : a decent day in the gym and a nice long Sunday run.

Spent the last 2 weeks in the gym while out of town and discovered that I have a limit on the threadmill. Anything over an hour I’ll just spit myself out of that boring machine. Even when I’m plugged in watching a movie, the moment I see 59:59 go to 1:00:00, I hit the stop button like an emergency ejection situation.

Core training and a few interval runs might be the cause of an achy back, can’t remember the last time I felt like this but I’m using my mini massage machine to ease the knots. Met a guy who recommended the Osim massage chair, quoting it as the best (and most expensive) recovery tool he has ever bought.

Long sunday run

Missed a long ride with Ernest on Saturday. Got up at 0530 to hear gusts and watching the leaves get blown about. Decided to head back to bed thinking it’ll pour big time, eventually I realised I could’ve squeezed in a short ride before it actually poured.

The next day I had a run rendezvous at Mac Ritchie , woke up to the exact same scenario, but i couldn’t let this one pass again. So I strapped on my camel bak, cap, gels, music…. And embarked on my relax run to MR from home, met up with LH there and continued on our usual MR route. Clocked a 27km run that day and was pleased I was still in good condition after the run.

Conclusion?? Just get up and get out! If it rains then u turn and head home. The hardest part is always getting out of the door.

Cold Storage Triathlon 2013 (full results here)

After reading Arthur’s race report, really riled up to get my fitness up man. They guys clocked really impressive times for the Olympic distance race. Arthur clocked a 2:26 (rank 6th in 35-39 age group, top Singaporean in that age group), Chris Kang clocked a 2:38 for his very first triathlon race (16th AG 30-34, 5th Singaporean) and Ben Wu 2:42 (18th AG 30-34, 6th Singaporean). Looking at results like these is really getting me motivated to train harder for the upcoming races. Well done guys!


Dropped by Replublic Poly to catch Louise in action in her match where her team TUS Liitto FC, played against AGAPE. They won 12-0! It was my first time watching a floorball match and it seemed really intensive with lots of sprinting and coordination. The game lasted 3 x 20mins,  substitution of players happened fluidly to keep everyone on the team fresh. It was really an eye opener to catch the match.

The playoffs will be starting soon, right now TUS Liitto FC is 2nd in the Group D table. All the best in the next few games !!


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