DIY float for the terrifying sea swims

I recently used a DIY float for my sea swims in Singapore. I usually do my swims at East Coast Park and sometimes it gets a little choppy, so I thought having a float will help me with my confidence and also make me more visible from afar.

I call my float “Xiao Huang” (small yellow), it’s a waterproof bag I got from Thailand while I was on holiday, attaching it to my ankle using a cord that I got from a climbing shop. I was thinking of attaching it from my waist but I didn’t want my legs to get entangled with the cord. The float worked pretty well, except that it adds a bit of resistance while swimming.

The cord is pretty long, about 1.5 metres, and I have adjusted it accordingly tying a “daisy chain” (I hope I got the name right) to shorten the length from the ankle to the float.

Hope this idea is useful for those who are a little scared of doing sea swims. Remember to always try to have someone around when you head out 🙂





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