Weekly Update : Losing steam after a strong week, gym-ing while travelling.

Week 3 – 5:40hrs

Week 4 – 4:55hrs

After a strong week with 14:30hrs under my belt, it went downhill the following week. I had a bit of work and an annual assessment probably got me a little stressed out; so I skipped a few sessions. Looking back, I should’ve squeezed in some short sessions for consistency in week 3.

Week 4 was all about thread mills and gym work, did a few interval runs indoors but the most productive thing I did was working on my core at the gym. I’ve always been less enthusiastic about core exercises and only did them at track sessions, because it was part of the lesson plan. 🙂

Zipp 404

I’m doing some wheel hunting on togoparts and managed to find some people letting go of their Zipp 404s. The only problem riding a 650c is the wheels, well it isn’t really a problem because I don’t have much choice for race wheels. The 404s are my best bet but looking for a pair of second hand ones online has been a little challenging; oh well……the search goes on.

Cold Storage Tri

Pretty disappointed that I couldn’t get time off for this event. Last September I took part in my very first triathlon here. Arthur, Chris and Ben raced last weekend producing some stella results. We’ll keep you guys in suspense and wait for the race report which Arthur is generating as I type this post. Good to see everyone getting into really good race shape, I’m sure they’ll do really well at 70.3 Ironman Auckland this January.

Arthur, Chris, Ben and Andrew will be heading for Auckland while Ernest and I will be heading to Western Australia. Things will start to get a little exciting come end of this year!!


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