Introducing….*drumroll* Craig!!

Introducing another new member to ironproject, Craig Toh! He’ll be joining us on our adventure to Ironman Frankfurt July 2014 and he’s fundraising for Singapore Red Cross Society, pledging from his own pocket, $1 for every hour of training. Go Craig!!


Craig Toh

Sports was something that went on and off in my life since I was a kid. I enjoyed swimming in primary school, and my dad allowed me to attend swimming survival classes which were fun. During secondary school I picked up volleyball and was in the school team, and I also did a little bit of running, nothing really serious. I then went into a bit of mountain biking and inline skating during my polytechnic days, long flights of stairs and the skate park were my hangouts (other than on the computer, anyone remember ICQ?)

I unknowingly got introduced into the world of endurance sports when I got enlisted in the army. I was unfit. I didn’t even bother to take my IPPT before enlistment (I knew I would fail) so I was in the PTP batch where we do 8 weeks of physical training to prepare us for the 3 month BMT. It was tough on me and by the time I passed out from BMT I had achieved IPPT Gold. It gave me motivation to stay fit and healthy throughout the rest of my time in the armed forces. That said, having a CSM who is a Navy Seal helped too.

During my working life fitness was mostly the occasional workout/class at the gym, or swim at the pool, nothing crazy. I then chanced upon the Ironman presentation video and that planted a seed in my head. I can swim, I know how to cycle, can run, so a triathlon kind of ‘makes sense’. I was scared on the thought of swimming in open waters though, but decided I have to get over it in order to start. I joined the Tanjong Beach Open Water swim group on a Saturday, and plunged into it literally. I managed to do a couple of Sprint, Olympic Distance and a Half Ironman distance event. That was 2011.

The build up of events gave me some confidence to sign up for my first Ironman event in Western Australia in 2012. Travelling much for work makes training challenging for such a long event. I enjoyed every bit of the training and the event itself, though I hoped I could do better. Nonetheless I was thankful for the completion and all the great friends I made during this time.

My next big race is Ironman Frankfurt 2014. I would like to make it special by helping to raise funds for The Singapore Red Cross Society. I would also pledge S$1 for every hour of training that I do into this cause.

I hope to be able to inspire you to donate and support me in this special drive in helping those around us.

Bloom where you are planted.


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  1. I thought you guys enlisted Craig Alexander.. but never the less.. Mr Toh has Heart ! GOOD LUCK in IMFRANKFURT

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