Weekly Update – Ian : ramping up the hours, building the base.

Week 2
9-15 Sept 2013 – 14:31hrs

This week I spent a lot more time building up my aerobic base with mostly comfortable effort sessions. It was a pretty good mix of everything. I was hoping I could do longer swims per session, nonetheless still happy with the 3 sessions for this week.

can’t feel my toes

A long lonely ride on Saturday evening, I was not feeling really comfortable with my current shoes (Sidi T3), my feet hurt quite a bit about halfway through the ride. I actually felt it in Zurich but I just grit through it, since I was already hurting in so many other areas during the Ironman; so relatively speaking, my toes were having a party on the ride.

Well now I’m actually thinking of getting a pair of road shoes, hoping they’ll fit better and be more comfortable for long rides.

the benchmark 10k

I have my favorite 10k (ok it’s really just 9k) route in my neighborhood and I use that to compare my fitness from time to time; mainly just sticking to a 140bpm and see how fast I can go. Of course there are plenty of variables to consider like fatigue, temperature, traffic lights, but I just used this as a rough benchmark, nothing too serious. I was pretty happy to record a good pace on Sunday despite a busy week before that. Definitely feeling a little fitter so that’s great!

Floorball League

Our very talented Louise Khng is in the midst of her Floorball league (Ladies Div 1), her team TUS Liitto FC is currently 2nd in Group D. Semi-s are coming soon and we hope her team will deliver some killer performances in their upcoming matches @Republic Poly multi-purpose hall.

New Team Members

Our blog and facebook page have been getting quite a bit of traffic the past week from all the new members joining “ironproject two”. Great to see its reaching out to more people now. We have also spread our love to more charities; so besides Home Nursing Foundation, we have 5 other charities to our growing list (:

– Home Nursing Foundation Singapore (Ian, Arthur & Louise)

– Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation (Andrew)

– Society for the Physically Disabled (Raymond)

– Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) (Ernest)

– Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore (Benjamin)

– Singapore Red Cross Society (Christopher & Craig)

If you’d like to give us your support and donate to these charities, you can head down to our page, choose your preferred charity and throw in your week’s lunch money in there ๐Ÿ˜€ (PS: besides doing good, it’s tax deductible too!) Most of us are pledging $1 for every hour that we put in for our training so do follow us on our training logs on our profile.



  1. Good one for you bro.. keep it up

    1. Thanks Isaac, you have any races coming up?

      1. Cold Storage, and then SG Marathon. ๐Ÿ™‚ waiting for HK and Tokyo Marathon

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