Weekly Updates – Ian : AHM, ironproject two meeting, back to the grind.

Week 1
1-8 Sept 2013, 8:44hrs

AHM & ironproject two

The Army half-marathon (race report) kick started ironproject two, which will take me on a journey thru 2 Ironman races in Western Australia (Dec 2013) and Frankfurt (Jul 2014). There will be a group of us heading to Frankfurt next July so that’ll be fun trip! ironproject two has grown a little bigger now so we’re hoping to reach out to more people this time round. So look out for updates from the other guys as they’ll be involved in the blog and our facebook page.

Back to the grind

This week I’ve started my training proper again, good to be back in the grind. 8:44hrs for this week is a pretty decent start with a good mix of all three discipline. Next week should be a good training week with plenty of days off work, hope the weather holds up though, it’s been pouring every morning for the past week.


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  1. […] Ian had his first ironproject meeting despite the having to meet everyone’s schedule and it was pouring heavily that day. […]

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