Good job Ernest! My turn tomorrow

Ernest just completed his half ironman distance race, Metaman in Bintan. Hope the heat didn’t dry him up into a prune; and I don’t think he can get any tan-ner than he already is.

Mark Yeo has also crossed the finished line safely in Bintan. I met up with him a week ago and he was still concerned about the cut off times for Metaman, looks like he didn’t know he has quite a big engine under that tri suit.

Both of them look set to conquer their first Ironman in Western Australia in December 2013.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is my maiden half marathon race. It’s funny how I haven’t raced this distance before because I was in the navy (while in national service) and was never “strongly encouraged” to take part in AHM.

Preparations have not been going as well as I planned to. Mainly because I’m just feeling a little lethargic and haven’t been disciplined in my training. I hope whatever’s left from Ironman Zurich will be good enough to take me across that line safe tomorrow… A good timing would be a bonus! 🙂




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