Ironman Zurich 2013 : quick afterthoughts

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Just a short post, a quick summary on the race.

First things first, I managed to finish the race in one piece and still managed to walk reasonably well the day after. Stomach hasn’t been cooperating well though, and I don’t seem to have that “big appetite” everyone talks about.

I crossed the line at 12:30 hours, well over my target of 12 hours. Despite a slow start at the swim to calm my nerves, I still panicked in the sea of 2400 swimmers, I crawled out unto shore after 1:38.

The bike leg was even worse, all that prep on Mt Faber wasn’t even enough get up the climbs which went on and on…. and on. Vulgarities in various languages where streaming in my thoughts as I travelled at 9kmh up the never ending climb affectionately labelled “the beast”. Stumbled off the bike after 6:22. My legs where hammered from the ride and I knew I would suffer on the run.

Blitz out of transition and just ran at 160bpm which I though would be a good target. It all started breaking down after halfway thru the run. Half marathon split was 1:57 but the second half was where it all broke down. I just wanted to cross the line in one piece, so with “safety first” mentality, I slowed down to finish the run at 4:20.

Jaime and CaiHong, my loyal supporters were there all day, uploading photos and updating the Facebook page. They looked more tired than I was after the race… Heehee.

The donation page will be left open till September so just in case you were just waiting to see if I really would do this Ironman… Heehee.

I’ll leave you with some photos… You guys probably won’t hear from me till next week after I get back.

Thanks for all the encouragement online and congratulatory messages!!

See ya guys!20130729-210202.jpg20130729-210519.jpg20130729-210529.jpg20130729-210540.jpg20130729-210604.jpg20130729-210641.jpg





  1. Congrats! That sounded like a challenging first-time Ironman course. You finished, so definitely be proud of your awesome accomplishment!!

    1. Thanks Shelly, you did great on ur first race as well, keep at it! It was a great weekend, now it’s time to recover well and be thankful for everyone who has supported us 🙂

  2. […] idea was first conceived when Ian decided to do his first Ironman;  A blog was set up to log down his journey when an idea struck him, to do this as a fundraising […]

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