Weekly update : nailing a better swim, leaving for the race

ECP session

Met up with Raymond for an open water session on Monday, the drizzle just stopped but it was still pretty as I put on my wetsuit, getting ready for some action; and action was exactly what we got. We were flipped like “roti prata” and it was so difficult to maintain good form; my arms were having a mind of their own, dancing the “para para” under water. I gave up after 2.2km, crawling out of the war zone and went for a nice 10km in decent pace.

I was spent after that session, probably from recent workouts from the previous few days.

I swam everyday after that, but clocking shorter distances just to keep the form engrained in my brain of mine. I wouldn’t be able to get much swimming done after I leave so I’m pretty worried about my swim form deteriorating.

Ok this is not exactly going as planned. Supposed to taper to about 60% and keep my body fresh and sharp before the race. I’ve managed to do a couple of short and fast runs this week, but the eating is out of control and I’m feeling really sluggish from all that cheese and dough. Oh mama Mia!!

I’ll leave u guys with some touristy pics from Rome!








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