weekly update : track attack, sengkang mess, Tapering

9hrs 22mins clocked in last week.

Track Attack

Attended my 2nd track attack session at CCAB, the team is on a program to prepare themselves for the Army Bay Run on 1st Sep. This was the 3rd week of “speed training” and this session taught me the importance of calming myself down between intervals, to be disciplined to lower my heart rate when it goes all crazy. The 4x400s left everyone bent over and panting after each interval; I was still feeling good till the 2nd set, my core was crumbling and it was a struggle maintain a good posture and form on the “sprints”.

A good session today and I’ll be off for my big race so I’ll be back in August!


Sengkang madness

I was in Punggol area over the weekend and managed to do a quick run/swim/run session; and so a quick 4+km run to the pool took me just under 20mins, only to find the whole of Sengkang Community at the swimming pool. Gosh it was so crowded that it wasn’t funny anymore, I’ve never been to a more crowded pool in my life. Sure it was a Saturday afternoon, but even the pool at my place (Senja Cashew CC pool) was much more manageable.

It was good practice though, it felt like actual race day where I had to jostle with other swimmers to get a lane. I gave up after 2000m, decided to just call it a day and run back.

Leaving for my race

I’ll be leaving for my race on the evening of 18th July.

“wah why so early? 10days before the race?” Well the genius me have planned to go for my holiday first before the race. It’s sort of like a forced tapering.

But now I’m actually starting to regret a little because I can’t get to swim/bike much before the race because I’ll be on the move. Tapering phase is really important and it’s not about just lowering the volume of training, its a time to sharpen myself and do some quick short sessions. I hope I’ll be able to find opportunities to do that while I’m away.



  1. Best of luck in Zurich! You got this!

    1. Thank you! I’ll update the http://www.facebook.com/ironprjt page updated more frequently during the race so check it out 🙂

  2. All the best mate!! Race hard and have enjoy yourself

  3. Best of luck!! Im so excited for you!!

    1. Thanks Nora!

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