race report : Cold Storage Singapore Triathlon 2012

After telling people about my story about my Ironman journey, I realized I didn’t even write about my race in September 2012, where I did my very first triathlon! I just finished the book “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll in April 2012, I was so motivated to get some form on challenge going for me, which resulted in me signing up for my first triathlon. I signed up for the TriFactor which was supposed to be in August but a bout of flu kept my in bed that race morning; lucky for me (and good foresight), I was already signed up for the Cold Storage Singapore Triathlon 2012 which was a month later.

Armed with a borrowed road bike and poor swimming skills; I dived into the world of triathlon on that fateful morning; not knowing that this race would lead me down the slippery slope of triathlon addiction.

Here’s a race report in pictures!

Heading out on race morning. I was riding a fixie at that time so I had to borrow a road bike from David for the race. argon18 FTW!

body marking done. I felt so naked in my tri suit that i had my singlet and shorts on till just before the race.

Sunrise…the first few participants getting ready for their flag off.

Seeing kids go all out and having fun at a triathlon made my heart melt. These tiny people dived into the open (yucky) water of ECP, emerging with this kind of smile on their face!! They were adorable.

Met my friend Chow at my first race. I was so nervous because I just did a warmup and realised I haven’t down an open water swim in years.
Chow would later help me choose my first tri bike, my trusty Cannondale Slice; and also providing loads of useful advice in preparation for Zurich.

37mins for 1.5km.
Not bad for a 50/50 breastroke/ frontcrawl day.

loyal supporters with a “kthxbye” smile

speeding thru the corners with a smile on my face. 1:19 for the bike ride. Hair pin turns were a little scared and I heard there were a couple of falls at some turns.

Out of T2 and just starting my 10km run. FSA (full speed ahead!)

everythings hey ok!
weather was so hot that I poured water over my head just to cool myself. At one station I ended up dishing 100plus on myself and drinking water instead of the other way round. absolute genius!

2hrs 46 mins later, a medal, a smile and a seed planed in my head…. I wanted to go faster and further.
Ironproject was conceived a couple of weeks later when I signed up IM Zurich on impulse and decided to start this blog for fundraising. it’s amazing so see how far this has went.

heading home after the race. Megan helps to make sure i steer my bike correctly.


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