Weekly Update : maintaining the engine, track session, bradycardia

5hours 54mins

Low volume training this week but still felt pretty good from the higher intensity workouts.

Good run
Managed a good 12km run in NZ with an average pace of 4:55min/km at 154bpm. The marathon I ran last December was averaging 5:21min/km with 164bpm. So that’s a good indication that I’ll probably be faster now.

Shem track class
Had a go after some constant persuasion from Ernest to give this a go. It’s a weekly session at CCAB Track at Evans road conducted by Shem Leong. There’s a series of track sessions in preparation for Army Half marathon in September, that day’s session was for speed training and I was mentally prepared for a good trashing, which was exactly what I got. It was the first time attending a training session for running; proper warm ups with core exercises and warm down; which is (sadly) exactly NOT how I’ve been doing my runs. I really enjoyed the session, training in a group is really motivating and I was really pushing myself. Legs ached for 2 days after that and I could only manage a shorter run when I headed to NZ for work the next day. I am seriously considering going for a couple of sessions next time to learn more.

Low heart rate
Measured my heart rate in the middle of the night to see if the months of training have changed anything. Pleased to know that it’s lower at 33bpm now as compared to 35bpm 2 months ago and 40bpm at the start of the year. Don’t really understand how this is useful, but it’s more like a PB (personal best) I keep in my head. Heeehee. People have often associate low heart rate to high fitness level of a person; but you see, my whole family has got low resting heart rates. I guess everyone has a different starting point.

Shoe review

Finally did a shoe review page here. I’ve been wanting to put up some of my thoughts on the gear I use, a number of guys have been asking me about stuff I use for training and races. I’m not a sponsored athlete so rest assured these reviews are not biased. Furthermore, I’ve only been seriously into this for less than a year, please hold back your laughter ok?! Constructive feedback is always welcome though.


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