Weekly update : being sick (again) and Pink Dot 2013

3hrs 53mins

Bad luck…oh what a joke

After the haze the previous week, I was rearing to go and start on my supposed “beast mode” when I was hit with another bout of illness. I’ve been loading up on vitamins weeks before to boost my immunity, but somehow I just caught a bug.

Somehow it wasn’t as frustrating as the other times when I was down, I felt an uncomfortable calmness, especially when it’s less than 30 days to the event. I usually get better after a week so I’m not too worried and I’ll probably be able to get a few short sessions in before the race.

Last week I put in 2 swims to keep my skills in check and also tested a 10km which wasn’t the best idea, so I took it easy towards the end.

What a way to end my 2 weeks of days off, 1 week of haze and 1 week of cough.

Pink Dot SG 2013

Attended an event at Hong Lim park on Saturday, Pink Dot SG is in their 5th year and this time an estimated 21000 attendees made their way to the park to support the freedom to love.

No, i’m not a kay poh poking my nose just to look see look see from afar.
No, it’s not because I’ve got extra time, coz I’m down with flu and can’t go for my training anyway.

I’m here to celebrate the freedom to love, because we all will, at some point of our lives, know someone who is gay…..a close friend, an employee, a relative…. and I don’t want that person to feel like he has to live/behave any differently around me.

Attended pink dot 2013, which was the highlight of my spiraling week.


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